Over the last one-hundred years, our food system has become increasingly consolidated and industrialized. The result is fast, cheap and convenient food of questionable nutritional value at vast social, economic and environmental cost. The current food system hides the real costs of production in myriad ways. An honest accounting that includes fair wages and the true costs of long-term environmental impact would result in a very different picture. The challenge that lies ahead is for all of us to work together to re-imagine how we grow, process, distribute and eat food in a way that makes it accessible for all members of society.


Community by Design LLC is a part of a family of three organizations working together to enable a truly sustainable and economically viable regional food culture. The other two entities are:


Our Table Cooperative

Our Table Cooperative brings together farmers and producers working together to create handcrafted, thoughtful and delicious food for the local community. We are a multi-stakeholder collective that harnesses the power of collaboration to create shared value from field to table. Our vision of a localized food system is based on the idea that ecology and economy are not zero-sum games.


The Manav Foundation

As the non-profit arm of Our Table Cooperative and Community by Design LLC, The Manav Foundation is a 501(C)(3) organization with a mission to "provide education and support services that promote and build a locally adapted culture and economy". The foundation conducts various educational activities using our farm as a living classroom.